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Eco Fibre

Eco Fibre

Each of the fibres sold by Eco Filling Australia is either a natural fibre or has been created from natural and renewable resources.   Using a natural fibre means that you are making an environmentally friendly choice.  All our fibres are fully biodegradable and come from sustainable practices.  If you choose to use an organic filling, you also know that no harsh chemicals have been used anywhere in the growing, manufacturing or production chain.

Natural fibres behave slightly differently to their synthetic cousin, chemical based, polyester hobby fill.  They can tend to compact a little more over time.  This can usually be solved, for example, in a cushion or pillow, by plumping them up, or even removing the filling to air it and plump it.  As a last resort, you can always add more as the filling compacts.

Natural fibres are also all heavier than traditional polyester filling, with the exception of Kapok which is extremely light weight.  This means that if you are replacing polyester filling from a cushion, you will need to purchase more to get the same volume of fill.

To help you to determine which will be the best filling for your craft project, please see our Product Comparison table on the Which Fibre? tab, which provides information on the weight of each, the appearance, performance, ideal uses, environmental footprint and more.

For more information about individual products, please refer to the detailed product descriptions for each product within the shop.

If you are still not sure which filling to choose, you could always order a sample pack which gives you the opportunity to see and feel all of our eco fillings.  Alternatively,contact us for more assistance.

If you are not handy with a needle and thread, you might like to purchase our own handmade quality cushion and pillow inserts or pet bedding, using a range of our fillings.