Corn Fibre (Less than 1 kg)

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Corn fibre is a 100% plant-based fibre and fully biodegradable.

It is created through the fermentation of sugars naturally present in the corn. The result is a polymer resin which is extruded into what we know as corn fibre.    The resulting fibre has excellent wicking and moisture management properties, keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.  It is non-allergenic, odour free, anti-bacterial, biodegradable and 100% compostable. It also has a very low flammability rating.

When compared with petroleum-based plastics, the manufacturing of corn fibre saves more than one tonne of CO2 emissions per tonne of fibre . This equates to less than 60% fossil fuel usage when compared to traditional synthetic polyester fibres.

Our Corn fibre is an imported product but sourced from a reputable Australian company.  

Use this product for:  teddies, dolls, soft toys, cushions, pillows, pet bedding and bolsters.