Wheat Bags

Wheat Bags

Wheat Bags have been in use for years to help soothe aching muscles and for warmth and comfort.  We hope that you enjoy our range of Wheat Bags, with or without lavender, including our Eye Pillow. When cooled in the fridge or freezer, the eye pillow helps sooth tired and sore eyes.

In keeping with our eco friendly ethos, we have chosen to use only environmentally friendly options when creating our wheat bag range.  Each hand made wheat bag has a cover made from GOTS certified organic cotton and contains natural wheat with the additional option of dried lavender flowers.

The lavender we use is the Intermedia variety, which is known for its strong perfume, perfect for inclusion in wheat bags.  Lavender adds not only a lovely fragrance, but as is well known, may also provide relief for anxiety, insomnia and restlessness and help in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.  Lavender is also believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Many other wheat bags boasting lavender are only sprayed with lavender oil.  Ours contain genuine dried lavender, sourced from Australia and free from any chemical treatment, which guarantees the effects of the lavender will last for the life of your wheat bag.

All fabrics used are made from GOTS certified organic cotton.  Our range consists of soft and fluffy flannel, or medium weight cotton fabric.  You will have the opportunity to select your preference from the product options in our shop.

There are three sizes of wheat bag available:

Rectangular 40cm x 15cm

Square 25cm x 25cm

Eye Pillow 20cm  x 10cm

Or if you are looking for gift ideas, you can purchase a gift pack with two or three different sized wheat bags.

Instructions on how to use your wheat bag are on the label.