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Wheat Bag - Banksia Grove

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Wheat Bags have been in use for years to help soothe aching muscles, joint stiffness and cramps, to ease discomfort and aid in relaxation.  

Use your wheat bag for stiff shoulders, neck and back, crampy period pain, general muscle tightness, or just to keep you warm in winter. It can also be used cold for muscle sprains.

In keeping with our eco-friendly ethos, we have chosen to use only environmentally friendly options when creating our wheat bag range.  Our new range features:

  • 100% organic wheat filling, with a casing made from 100% organic cotton fabric – this ensures that heating and reheating of the wheat bag is not affected by nasty chemicals.
  • A removable, washable cover, to lengthen the life of your wheat bag, made from 100% cotton featuring Australian designs – unlike other wheat bags that begin to look a little “used”, ours can be freshened up, by folding back the flap and removing the cover and machine washing it.
  • Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

You have the option of adding fragrant dried lavender, and can choose to just purchase an additional cover if you would like to "change it up", or have a backup cover while one is being washed, or purchase a new wheat bag only, if your current one has reached the end of its life.


To Heat:

Shake contents and place in a microwave so that filling is evenly spread. Heat on high for two minutes and remove. If you would like it warmer, shake it again and replace for 15 second increments until reaching your desired temperature.

CAUTION: Do not overheat! Wheat Bags can catch fire if heated too long!

Do not leave in the microwave unattended. If your Wheat Bag smells burnt, do not use – it’s time to replace it.

To use as a Cool Pack: Place in a plastic bag (to prevent it getting wet) and cool in the refrigerator for around an hour, or in the freezer for half an hour.